The Chase Series

Chase For Your Life by author Douglas Roberts

Chase For Your Life

Book One of the Chase Series

by Douglas Roberts

Second Lieutenant Stock’s first job after he joined the Royal Engineers was to help create an airfield in northern France, but before he has finished it, he has been ordered to destroy it before the advancing German army reach it.

To a lesser man this would have been soul-destroying. Evacuation back to England with a secretive civilian in tow proves challenging to say the least, and he has to face an all-powerful admiral who volunteers him to return to France on two further occasions. Risking his life by destroying a fuel depot, he emerges an unwitting hero. It is not all bad news as this leads to him meeting his future wife.

To a Deadly Chase by author Douglas Roberts

To a Deadly Chase

Book Two of the Chase Series

by Douglas Roberts

The British Empire is under serious threat of being overrun by Imperialist Japanese designs and Royal Engineer Captain Stock is amongst thousands being sent to Burma to help repulse them. First he has to get there via steamer round the Cape of Good Hope and across the roof of India by train, but in both instances, the enemy is trying to thwart him.

Before he creates his own airfield he has to save a village from destruction. His skill is immediately called upon to build more airfields, even behind enemy lines in mosquito-infested dense jungle, then abridge a crocodile-infested ravine. Assisting Americans overcome the enemy and organizing his own battalion gives him little respite.

The Final Chase by author Douglas Roberts

The Final Chase

Final Book of the Chase Series

by Douglas Roberts

Lieutenant Colonel Stock is charged with one final act in Burma just before the end of the war and needs all of his guile to survive.

Oblivious to the world in an Old Age Pensioners’ home sixty years later, a new drug awakens his memories and he sets-off to London to complete what he was charged with. Grandchildren in tow, he manages to evade all security surrounding the world’s leaders who have gathered there. He turns out to be the unwitting star on global television.

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